Quick Reference Sheet




Main Customer Service Line

  • Phone: (877) 282-8272  Opt 1 then Opt 7
  • Alt Phone:  (626) 282-0288
  • Hours: Mon-Fri., 8:30am – 5:00pm
  • Email: Customer.Service@nmm.cc
  • Scope: Eligibility, Referrals, Claims, Provider, and Member Inquiries


Claims Submission

  • Preferred Method:  www.nmm.cc or OfficeAlly
  • Claims Payer ID: NMM01
    **To set up an Office Ally account, please call (866) 575-4120**
  • By Mail:  1680 South Garfield Ave # 102   Alhambra CA 91801-5413
  • NMM ClaimsMonica Macias  (626) 943-6220 or (877) 282-8272
  • Fax Completed BND AWV Forms to:  Attn: Angela     Fax 714-933-4813


Case Management

To report an admission



To add patient urgently:



NMM Utilization Management

  • Electronic Submissions: Please use NMM Portal:  www.nmm.cc
  • UM Fax numbers:
    • Routine Referrals: (626) 943-6306
    • Urgent Referrals: (626) 943-63084
    • Tracer: (626) 943-6307
  • UM Phone: (877) 282-8272 Opt 1 then Opt 7
NMM Web Portal Assistance
  • Emailportal.inquiries@nmm.cc
  • Phone:  (877) 282-8272
    **You can email the web portal team regarding portal troubleshooting, technical support and login assistance**
 Provider Services
How to Become a Contracted Provider  1.  Complete a cover letter addressed to Access Primary Care Medical Group/NMM with your name, specialty, practice address, phone and fax.

2.  Complete an IRS W9 form.

3.  FAX both completed pages to Julie Yu, NMM Contracting Dept : (626) 943-6309

Once both your cover letter and W-9 forms are received and reviewed, NMM Contracting Dept. will mail you  contracting and credentialing paperwork for your review and signature.  Fill out completely and mail back to NMM Contracting Dept. at:  1668 S. Garfield Ave 2nd Floor Alhambra CA 91801-5413.

Once you are fully contracted and credentialed you will be added to the Access Website: AccessPrimaryCareMedicalGroup.com and be able to receive referrals from 32 Access PCP’s, and see their BND patients!