What is the difference between a Primary Care Physician and a Specialist?

Primary Care Providers (also called family doctors, internists, or general practitioners) are your first point of entry into the health care system. They focus on prevention and screening and help you track your health over time. They also help you coordinate care when you’re seeing a number of specialists.

Specialists are doctors who have advanced training and degrees in a particular branch of medicine, such as cardiology, oncology, podiatry, or vascular surgery. 

What is the difference between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine?

Family Medicine doctors (a.k.a. Family Practitioners) are the most widely-skilled primary care doctors. They’re trained to help patients at every stage of life, from birth through childhood and adulthood, and onward to old age and death.
Internal Medicine doctors (a.k.a. Internists) focus on adult and elderly patients, with an emphasis on the management of chronic, complex or severe illnesses, especially for patients who require hospitalization. 

What services does Access Primary Care Medical Group provide?

Access Primary Care Medical Group is comprised of board-certified Primary Care Physicians in Internal Medicine and Family Practice along with multiple Specialists in all fields in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. The services include Treatment and Diagnosis of medical illnesses using the latest Diagnostic Tests , Procedures and Medications to promote health and quality of life for patients. The focus of the group is Prevention with healthy living and Chronic disease management.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Access Primary Care Medical Group is contracted with the following health plan:
Brand New Day Health Plan

We are in the process of adding new health plans to our practice. Please check this page often for updates.

what is a medical group?

Is a collaboration of both Primary Care and Specialty Physicians to promote healthy living, appropriate treatment and procedures to achieve a long life with quality.